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The Prosecution

it's about what's fair

18 July
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Disclaimer: Harvey Dent is property of DC comics, I do not own rights to the character or seek to profit from playing with him.

"I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do."

That particular passage had been underlined two or three times, first by an unsteady pencil, then a yellow highlighter, and finally a neatly drawn line of blue pen with a single word scribbled beside it in his adult handwriting:


Character: District Attorney Harvey Dent

Fandom: Batman

Media: Comics, graphic novels, (movie) The Dark Knight, Batman the Animated Series, etc.

Physical Description: Harvey is a classically handsome, tall man in his early to mid thirties with a build athletic enough for him to be suspected of being the Batman. Harvey has short golden blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He's strong jawed, clean cut and always well-dressed (but not to the point of pretention) in a professional looking suit and tie.

Canon Background: Harvey Dent is (at the time of his arrival in the village) Gotham's newly
elected District Attorney whose mission in life is to rid Gotham of it's overwhelming criminal element.

Harvey ran for election in Gotham with the slogan "I believe in Harvey Dent", promising to
jail Gotham's multitude of criminals, thus taking Gotham back for it's people. Harvey
refused to stoop to corrupt measures and bribery in his campaign and as a result won his
election, becoming the youngest D.A. in Gotham history ... and possibly the only one who
actually made good on his campaign promises.

Within a very short time in office, Harvey and his team succeeded at putting away most of
the mob, targeting their financial bases to bring them down.

While Harvey spends his days acting as District Attorney and attempting to bring Gotham's
mob to justice in court, he also works with police commisioner Jim Gordon and the Batman
in an unofficial capacity to the same effect, especially to rid Gotham of the anarchistic
criminal mastermind known only as "The Joker".

The Joker had been terrorizing Gotham city for months with murders, bank robberies and
gruesome pranks; and demanded on television that Batman reveal who he really is to the
public, or he will keep executing innocent citizens. At a live press conference held by the
District Attorney's office, the public demanded that Batman turn himself in so that the
Joker killings would stop. To everyone's surprise (especially Bruce Wayne's) Harvey Dent
turned himself in as the Batman so that the real Batman will not have to stop protecting Gotham.

After the press conference, Harvey was taken on a harrowing S.W.A.T. assisted transfer to
the prison where he will be held for his "crimes" as Batman, during which he and the G.P.D.
are repeatedly attacked by the Joker and his henchmen. The real Batman, however, saves
the day, proving Harvey's innocence and saving the District Attorney's life.

Point in Canon of Entry to the Village:
The point in canon when Harvey enters the village is (during The Dark Knight) just after
Harvey was rescued by Batman from the Joker's attack on him during the aforementioned

Harvey gave a brief statement to the press, calling the Gotham Police Force the "real
heros", and was escorted to a waiting car to be reunited with his fiance. The car he was
escorted to, however, was driven by some of the Joker's henchmen, and during the car ride,
Harvey was attacked, knocked unconscious, and tied up. The Joker had arranged for
Harvey to be tied to a chair in a room full of gasoline and rigged charges - the very fate
that kills his girlfriend, Rachel, and changes Harvey Dent into the disfigured villain Two

However, instead of waking up tied to a chair in the room of explosives, when Harvey opens
his eyes, he finds himself tied to a tree in the woods just beyond the village he's been
summoned to, confused, bound and alone.

Village History

Harvey is District Attorney of Haurvatat, and has been for a couple of years. He works alongside John McClane in the police station, and oversees the arrests and filing of charges against those who do wrong in the village. He finds it a challenge to be a prosecutor in a village with no written law, but is adapting to their style of mediation as well as he can.

Harvey disappeared from the village for a month, returning home to be burned in the explosion that would make him into "Two Face". Upon his re-arrival in December of 2010, however, he was found by Tim Drake and cared for in the clinic by his adopted family of other Gothamites, including and especially Bruce Wayne. Harvey underwent months of treatment at the village clinic to recover from his burns. Under the close supervision and advanced technology of Dr. L. McCoy, he made a full recovery. The only way to tell he was ever burned it a very, very fine white line down the center of his face that isn't immediately apparent to most people.

He was involved with Bruce Wayne from his world, romantically, for a period of over a year before Bruce disappeared from the village in February of 2011. Harvey was devastated and sank into a depression and period of mental instability that has lasted for some months. Shortly after Bruce's disappearance, he was abducted and tortured by Albert Wesker, who was never brought to justice.

As Harvey is now (August 2011), he is still very much himself, but more withdrawn than usual. He does hear his "other" self in his head, which he finds disturbing, but has given his coin to Tim Drake for safe keeping and has been able to resist his violent impulses thus far, never indulging his other personality to the extent of allowing him to take over.